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What's the Course about

Kotlin is a cross-platform and open source programming language that used as an alternative to Java for Android App Development. Kotlin is sponsored by Google, announced as one of the official languages for Android Development in 2017. Kotlin is used by over 60% of professional Android developers to improve productivity, developer satisfaction, and performance.

Why does Android Developer have a lot of opportunities?

  • 1. Firstly, Android applications are always in demand as most of the users of Smartphones use Android.(3 million app in play store)
  • 2. As there is a need for more and more applications, there is a requirement of more and more Android developers.
  • 3. Android is Open Source and very easy to adapt.
  • 4. In Android development there is little cost of investment with high return on investment.
  • 5. It helps us create very interesting and new projects based on the services.

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Course Objective

Android app Developer is a senior level role for anyone who is profound in the skills of a Android Development. However, to become a App Developer, the developer must also have knowledge and experience in app management. App management essentially includes things like managing, maintaining, and configuring Android App and networks. The main objective of this course is to give a design apps to be used on smartphones that utilize the Android operating system

Job Scope for Android Developers in 2022

The demand for Android App Developers has always been high in the market, and that is the primary reason the salary of an android developer in India is very high. According to the attest studies that is been conducted by the Google, there is a total of 2.5 Billion Android users all across the world. Android developers have great Job Scope in the Industry. In India, nearly 80 % out of 100% of mobile Developers are Android developers, the rest 21% other.

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  • Basic Kotlin fundamentals
  • OOP’s Concept
  • Android TextView
  • ScrollView
  • Button in Kotlin
  • Floating Label in EditText
  • Floating Label in EditText
  • Floating Label in EditText
  • Time and Date Picker
  • Android XML Parsing using DOM Parser
  • Firebase and SQLite Database
  • Android Text To Speech
  • Android Notification
  • Android Web Service

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