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What's the course about

The technological progress in the electronics and telecommunications area made the evolution of various advanced systems in the automotive industry. Automotive embedded systems are typical microcontroller systems with specific purposes, normally with real-time computation captivity. In automobiles, embedded systems are used in infotainment and telematics, ADAS, airbags, head-up displays, electronic brake systems, power steering, and active suspension, among others.

Today, carmakers and their suppliers are undergoing a phase of hardship caused by the excessive importance and added utility of electronics. Most of today's embedded systems are challenged to operate where the aspects of the computational load cannot always be predicted in advance.

Automotive embedded system is the backbone of modern vehicles to make them more efficient, safety (Brake system, Airbag system, Electronic Stability Program), driver assistance systems (Navigation, night vision, blind spot detection) or to comply with legal necessities (reducing the emission of pollutants by intelligent engine control), comfy and secure. An increase in the complexity of modern cars also increase the demands overwhelmed on diagnostics, maintenance and repair. Currently, there is a noticeable shortage of qualified automotive technicians with excellent skills. Vehicles will continue to become more complex; therefore, the need for good technicians will continue to grow. Hence there is the need for a practical training program in automotive electronics with emphasis on Embedded System of Vehicle.

Course Objective

The automotive industry is today the sixth largest economy in the world, producing around 70 million cars every year and making an important contribution to government revenues all around the world. The main objective of this course is to provide an understanding of the technology essential to the design and implementation of an embedded system using suitable hardware and software tools for automotive application. The auto industry needs electrical, Electronics and computer engineers in ever increasing numbers to deal with the number of electronics in the modern car. These engineers deal with electronics, controls, safety systems, infotainment systems, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. This course endeavours a variety of topics of instant connection to industry and makes the members precisely proper for Automotive Industry.

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  • C Programming.
  • ARM LPC2148 Microcontroller.
  • GPIO Programming with LPC2148 Microcontroller.
  • External hardware interfacing with LPC2148.
  • Serial communication protocol with LPC2148.
  • Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART).
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).
  • Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C).
  • Interfacing wireless protocols with LPC2148 – GSM, GPS, RFID, Zigbee, Bluetooth.
  • Introduction to Automotive Embedded System.
  • Controller Area Network (CAN).
  • Local Interconnect Network (LIN).
  • FlexRay.
  • Introduction to Diagnostic.
  • Unified Diagnostic Service (UDS) protocol.
  • Introduction to CANoe.
  • CAPL Scripting (Communication Access Programming Language).
  • Accessing and controlling vehicle network data.

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  • Automotive embedded systems are an enormous area with OEMs (Car makers), Product based companies, Service-based companies listed out in that order Robert Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Denso, Harman International, Honeywell, KPIT Cummins, Caterpillar, GM Technical centre, Fiat Chrysler, FTSE (Ford Technical Service India Limited), Renault Nissan Technical and Business Centre, AVL, ETAS, Vector, Tech Mahindra, Automotive Robotics India.
  • A lot of career opportunities are available in Automotive Embedded Systems. Some of them are as follows:
    • Embedded Engineer.
    • Software Engineer – Automotive Embedded System.
    • Automotive Embedded Engineer.
    • Automotive Embedded software developer.
    • Embedded software engineer.


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